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The effects of ageing on the face are profound. They involve hard tissue structure loss (teeth and bone) as well as soft tissue volume loss. To treat one and not the other is like painting your fingernails without a manicure……the results are likely not to look as good and more paint will be required to cover up the defects or problems in the structure of the nail.

With age, people lose teeth (from trauma, decay or gum disease), wear them down, or break them, and all this leads to a collapse of the bite making the lower part of the face shorter, where the chin comes forward and closer to the tip of the nose …in technical terms we call it ‘loss of vertical dimension’. As a result, the skin that drapes the lower face tends to ‘gather up’ and form wrinkles or folds around the mouth, chin and nose. Prior to addressing any such draping issues, it is crucial that the supporting structures and vertical dimension of the lower face are properly restored by an experienced and skilled dentist with an intimate understanding of facial aesthetics.

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Following the dental treatment to correct the vertical dimension of the face, a thorough evaluation can then be performed to help decide which facial aesthetics treatment is appropriate to complete the rejuvenation process. Patients who undergo dental rehabilitation as part of their facial rejuvenation have aesthetically more pleasing and longer lasting results. More importantly, the amount of anti-wrinkle medicine and fillers required to achieve the desired result is greatly reduced …which suits our treatment philosophy that Less Is More !

The concept of ‘Dento-Facial Rejuvenation’ is quite new and taking the health and beauty industry by storm. The trained dentists at FACELAB are experienced in both dental rehabilitation and facial aesthetics, and can advise you on any necessary treatment for better, younger looking smile and facial appearance, and help you reverse many of the the visible effects of ageing.

For denture wearers who lost volume and facial support, or patients with terminal dentitions, our clinicians are able to combine the All-On-4 Plus dental implants treatment with Anti-Wrinkle procedures for natural-looking results whilst restoring oral health and function.