Sleep Dentistry

Have your dental treatment done in dreamtime.

Facelab clinics are affiliated with dental practices that operate under the licenced banner ‘Sleep Dentistry Melbourne’.

These affiliates of Facelab clinics are run by dental surgeons who work closely with specialist medical anaesthesiologists in purpose built anaesthetic facilities. In these facilities patients are ‘put to sleep’ in the same manner as for a hip replacement, nose job (rhinoplasty), appendectomy or cardiac by-pass surgery. In almost every case, patients are not administered with ‘intravenous / twilight sedation’ (that have recently been noted in the press for adverse reactions, overdoses and deaths), but are given a full and safe general anaesthetic.

The Benefits
  • Most dental treatments can be performed while asleep without any recollection of events
  • Specialist anaesthetist working in purpose built facilities with State of the art equipment
  • Safer than ‘twilight sedation’ performed in a routine dental clinic
  • Great for anxious, fearful and nervous patients who have been avoiding dental treatments.
  • Have many treatments peformed at once, eliminating the need for multiple dental visits

*Individual results may vary

This is a significantly safer way of performing sleep dentistry as opposed to a sedative being administered intravenously by a dentist with a university diploma in sedation.

Our anaesthetists use the very latest anaesthetic equipment ranging from ‘Programmable Syringe Drivers’ that accurately deliver precise doses of anaesthetic medication to ‘Brain Wave Monitors’ allowing the accurate delivery of just enough medication to maintain a sufficient level of anaesthesia avoiding overdoses and ensuring a fast recovery with minimal risk of undesirable side effects.

The beauty about sleep dentistry is that patients wake up from their anaesthetic without any knowledge, awareness or recollection of the procedures being performed. It alleviates the anxiety and fear that many people associate with dental procedures.

There is no procedure too little or too small for sleep dentistry, however patients must meet certain criteria first. To undergo sleep dentistry, patients must be in good health. If a patient  has a medical problem or the procedure involves significant surgical risk, it will be most likely that they be seen by our specialist anaesthesiologist for a consultation prior to the treatment.

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