Lip Enhancement

Beautiful Lips a Reality at Facelab

Lips are found at the opening of the mouth in humans and many animals. The skin or more correctly described, mucosa of the lips is much thinner than the skin of the surrounding face, under which lies a complex labyrinth of tiny blood vessels called capillaries, giving the lips a ‘reddish’ colour. Underlying the almost translucent lip mucosa are many nerve endings that may explain why the lips are so sensitive and considered one of the bodies erogenous zones and a muscle that runs in a circular fashion around the mouth.

The Benefits
  • We assess your lips as part of a comprehensive dental and facial evaluation
  • Fillers used in around the lips to create the perfect look
  • Minimal downtime with complications very rare
  • Treatments are reversible
  • Long lasting results

*Individual results may vary

The lips are supported by the underlying teeth and jaw bone. Loss of teeth and / or jaw bone as a result of trauma, disease and ageing will affect he way our lips look. What is often observed is a thinning down and flattening of the lips as well as the down turning of the corners or edges (oral commissures). It is imperative to have these underlying structures (teeth and jaw bone) examined before treating the lips alone.

Correcting and augmenting lips with filler materials can give lips back their fullness and plump restoring them to their correct dimensions and shape. When performed by the skilled clinicians at Facelab, the procedure is fast and painless.

Because the Facelab clinicians have dental backgrounds, special attention to detail is shown during lip augmentations, making sure that the appearance of the rest of the face and most importantly the teeth are also taken into consideration.

It is of paramount importance to respect the natural anatomy of the lips while placing filler material, as to not ‘obliterate’ the cupids bow or make the upper lip look larger than the lower lip, a mistake quite often seen when performed by poorly trained clinician (‘duck bill look’).

At Facelab, we use a range of filler products when performing lip enhancements choosing an appropriate one for each and every case. These fillers contain a therapeutic substance, a substance also found naturally all over the body. When carefully placed into the lips, these filler materials are harmless and can last up to 2 years and more.

Our Facelab clinicians also like to place fillers under the corners of the lips to give a more complete and full appearance as well as rebuilding when necessary the ‘philtral columns’, the raised areas of skin extending upwards from the tips of the cupids bow to the nasal septum….. this provides a real youthful appearance to the lips.

Following lip augmentation procedures, patients can occasionally suffer some minor bruising and swelling that may last up to a week. If the lips appear asymmetrical, additional filler can be added or a ‘filler dissolving’ substance applied. Other side effects are rare and may include the blocking of a blood vessel resulting in a prolonged ulcer, ‘stiff or lumpy lips’, infections and scarring.

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