Laser Rejuvenation

The fast and effective way to achieving beautiful skin at Facelab.

We can improve the colour, tone and texture of the skin of the face to give it a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Wrinkles and laxity in the skin occur with age as a result of a loss in volume in the underlying tissues, muscles and bone, and we may consider various re-volumising treatments. However, the actual skin layers also undergo degradation from sun exposure as well as metabolic and physiological changes that denature and reduce the collagen scaffold that keeps the skin thick and firm yet elastic. As the skin becomes thinner it also becomes more transparent, and tiny blood vessels start to appear.

The Benefits
  • Lasers have been proven to be a safe and effective means of treating a huge variety of skin conditions
  • Pigmented lesions, sun spots, Rosaecea, naevi and Tattooos can all be effectively removed with targeted laser treatments
  • Texture and skin laxicity can be corrected with the application of a specific laser wavelength
  • For the best results, some treatments may need to be repeated but this technique results in minimal downtime
  • The Fotona Lasers used at Facelab have been carefully selected for their efficiency and safety and the clinicians who use them have undergone extensive training both in Australia and overseas.

*Individual results may vary

Age spots are another phenomenon of ageing. These also become more visible by the thinning of the skin, but are caused by a separate mechanism: the hyperactivity of pigmented cells in the skin, as a reactive or defensive mechanism to ultraviolet radiation  and sun exposure.

Whilst various creams and remedies can be used to clean, nourish and moisturise the skin, true rejuvenation can only be effectively achieved through physical and biological stimulation. At Facelab we use laser and RF Ultrasound technologies to repair and produce new collagen, and we can physically eliminate excess pigments in the skin.

Different laser treatments are available for a whole range of problems on and about the face. Some of these treatments can be invasive, like a CO2 Deep Laser Peel and often result in significant downtime for the patient, pain and discomfort.

At Facelab, we focus on minimising downtime by using multiple targeted lasers that cause minimal collateral damage, and we combine these modalitieswith other treatments and technologies for optimal results. We utilise the very latest advanced laser technology that offers significant flexibility enabling the treatment of a wide range and variety of skin problems. Skin wrinkles, deep folds and skin laxity, ‘spider veins’, pigmented lesions and ‘sun spots’, active acne and acne scars, fibromas, Rosacea, naevi, and other benign skin lesions can all be treated effectively.

The Fotona laser used at Facelab can have its settings adjusted across different parameters and wavelengths to target a variety of different entities within the dermis (Skin) at different dermal depths. This is the essence of efficient and safe laser treatment – maintaining a targeted approach reducing the potential damage to adjacent structures within the target zone. For some treatments, blood cells (actually the haemoglobin within the cell) are the target such as in the treatment of superficial blood vessels, melanin or the pigment in our skin is the target when treating ‘age’ and ‘sun’ spots and water is the target when firming up the skin and inducing a skin texture change via neocollagenesis – the making of new skin collagen replacing shrunken, old, rigid collagen.

Following a thorough consultation with one of Facelab’s highly trained clinicians, a variety of treatment options utilising the different laser and complementary treatments are discussed. Depending on skin type, lesion type or problem to be treated, patient downtime demands, treatment efficiency, costs etc. a customised plan is developed and a series of appointments are made to perform the necessary treatments.

In addition to the treatment of skin lesions, the lasers used at Facelab can be used to perform double chin reductions with the Tight Sculpt technique, and Nightlase treatment of the soft palate to aid in the reduction of snoring.

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