Gum Lift

Gummy Smile no more

Due to the excessive display of their gums when smiling, some people are not happy with the way they look even if their teeth are straight and a nice light colour. Perhaps you are among those who have what dentists commonly call a “gummy smile”. That means your gums are prominent in relation to your teeth and may even partially cover them, causing the teeth to look unnaturally small or squarish. If that describes your smile, you have the option to improve it with a ‘gum lift’ and / or ‘lip drop’ treatment from FaceLab.

The Benefits
  • Minimally invasive procedure utilising the very latest lasers to painless reduce gummy appearance when smiling
  • Correction of assymetrical gum height
  • Results are permanent
  • Gum lifts can be used to improve tooth size and proportions resulting in a more pleasing smile

*Individual results may vary

Treatment of ‘Gummy Smiles’ Has Come a Long Way

Until recently, Australian men and women with a gummy smile had few options to correct it. Some of these procedures involved reducing the prominence or excess gum by carefully removing it with a scalpel or laser. The natural tooth proportions are restored and the teeth look more natural and aesthetically pleasing. Of course the amount of gum that can be removed is limited by the particular tooth anatomy, shape and health.

Following a ‘gum lift’ a patient can still have that ‘gummy smile’ and this may simply be due to the position of the upper jaw. Oral surgeons commonly perform ‘jaw impaction’ surgeries to move the jaw upwards ‘under the lip’ reducing the amount of gum above the tooth that is visible. These surgeries are often performed in conjunction with fixed orthodontic treatment (braces) and can take a few years to complete with significant bruising and swelling.

Nowadays at Facelab an alternative treatment options exists, where Botox can be carefully injected into very specific muscles enabling the top lip to relax downwards reducing the amount of gum displayed when smiling and eliminating that ‘gummy smile’.

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Many people with Gummy Smiles have no idea how much the problem holds them back from flashing their best smile. If you’re ready to smile with confidence, contact FaceLab today for a consultation on how we can help reduce your gummy smile.

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