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Fat Reduction

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Genetics, effects of ageing, weight gain and gravity all contribute to excess skin and fat under your chin and around your neck. While no one wants a double chin, it almost seems as unavoidable as ‘death and taxes’.At Facelab we have treatments specifically designed for ‘double chin reduction’ that can...
A lot of people are not completely happy with the way they look. Puffy or 'Chubby' cheeks are a common complaint among adults. Round facial features of youth, once considered 'cute' in childhood are unaesthetic in older people. Cheek Fat Removal is a surgical procedure that is designed to eliminate...
Fat Dissolving Injections are growing in popularity across the world, and at Facelab, we are pleased to offer them as an adjunct to our other popular facial rejuvenation treatment or as a stand-alone treatment.
Skin changes that occur with age are an unavoidable part of life. Skin becomes thinner as we get older, with less collagen and fewer fat cells resulting in a less plump appearance. Sun exposure and environmental toxins contribute to the ageing process, resulting in skin wrinkles, age spots, dryness and...