Face & Body Sculpting

Beauty is more than skin deep, so for effective long term skin treatment, tissues below the superficial skin need to be treated as well.

Skin changes that occur with age are as certain as ‘death and taxes’. Skin becomes thinner, has less fat cells and looses is plumpness and smooth appearance. Sun exposure contributes to this skin aging process resulting in wrinkles, age spots, deepening of skin folds, dryness and pigmented areas.

The Benefits
  • By combining Radiofrequency and ultrasound treatment, areas below the skin can be targeted safely and effectively.
  • Radiofrequency caused the deep tissues to heat and stimulate new collagen production while the ultrasound helps to breaks down fat cells
  • Results can be immediate
  • No patient downtime following treatment
  • Facelab clinics use the Elixis device, its the very latest and best delivering both radiofrequency and Ultrasound simultaneously.

*Individual results may vary

FACELAB utilises multiple Radio Frequency and RF-Ultrasound devices from BTL Aesthetics has been shown to have long term reduction of body fat. Popular treatment areas include the abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, and flabby arms, as well as face, chin, and neck fat.

Our body-contouring device, VANQUISH-ME, is non-invasive and the ONLY hands-free, contactless body shaping device of its kind with the largest treatment area in the industry …which means:

  • You don’t need to get undressed for the treatment
  • There is no recovery time
  • It can be performed simultaneously with facial rejuvenation treatments or laser sculpting of other areas


Over time, changes occur in the tissue layers below the skin: the fatty tissue, musculature and bone. Changes in the deeper zones, together with those of the skin result in an altered facial appearance. These changes are most significant beneath the lower jaw causing a ‘double chin’ appearance, in the middle and lower cheek resulting in heavy and thick ‘jowls’ and deepened naso-labial folds and the hollows that appear in the upper cheek region and temples. Contributing to these changes are age related remodelling of the facial skeleton, reduction in elasticity of the facia and ligaments in the face, the thin membranes that help compartmentalise and hold together the facial tissues, fat deposition, muscle tone loss and gravity.

At Facelab, we treat each problem area with a customised approach. In some circumstances laser therapy or fillers are required to obtain the desired result and in other situations a combination of treatments is required.

The Exilis device is unique and stands alone amongst its rivals and at Facelab we are fortunate to be able to offer patients Exilis treatment.

Exilis is unique because it combines both radiofrequency and ultrasound and delivers it to the target area simultaneously. The effect is skin tightening and fat reduction. The Exilis works by painlessly heating and cooling tissues at different depths of the skin and into the deeper tissues. This heating and cooling stimulates the breakdown of old and denatured collagen while simultaneously inducing the production of new healthy strong collagen with renewed elasticity in a process called neocollagenesis. The ultrasound component delivers energy with specific wavelength and power that targets only fat cells with no collateral damage to adjacent structures. The energy is absorbed within the wall of the fat cell causing it to breakdown releasing the cellular components – mainly triglycerides spill out of the fat cells. These trigylcerides are broken down and ‘mopped up’ by the bodies natural metabolic processes, used in other parts of the body or disposed of.

Results can be seen in some cases almost immediately and in others after approximately seven days. Repeat treatments are recommended until the desired outcome is achieved.

The beauty about treatment with ‘RF Ultrasound Dermal Tightening’ is that there is no downtime, treatment can be performed in a lunch break and you can go straight back to work.

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