Double Chin Reduction

Double Chin Elimination

Diet and weight gain, genetics, ageing and gravity are all factors that contribute to the development of a ‘double chin’ and no matter what you do, for most men and women it will be unavoidable.

A whole range of treatments exist for double chin reduction ranging from liposuction, coolsculpting (freezing fat cells), neck exercises to fat dissolving injections and more….

At Facelab, adhering to our ‘less is more’ conservative treatment philosophies in all rejuvenation procedures, we like to go minimally invasive and with good reason.

The Benefits
  • Combined state of the art technologies unique to Facelab clinics
  • Short treatment times with no downtime
  • Non Invasive & Painless
  • Removal of excessive fatty tissue with no scaring
  • Significant long term results seen after just a few treatments.

*Individual results may vary

RF Ultrasound

We have developed treatment protocols that combine the benefits of non-invasive ‘laser induced skin and tissue tightening’ with RF ultrasound ‘lipolysis’. In other words, using state of the art technologies in a completely safe and non-invasive manner, we destroy fat cells while simultaneously tightening the overlying connective tissue and skin by stimulating the production of new collagen within the aging tissue.

It is a unique and painless way to remove fat and reduce skin wrinkles all at the same time…… this treatment is often incorporated in our specially designed non-surgical face lift protocol.

The RF ultrasound component of the treatment is delivered by the Elixis device. This device is special in the way it combines both radio frequency and ultrasound technologies to heat and cool cells within the body tissues at different depths. The ultrasound energy waves then target the fat cell walls, causing them to rupture, leaking their contents which are then swept away and eliminated by the body’s natural processes.

For smaller areas such as ‘double chins’ & ‘fatty cheeks’, RF ultrasound treatment is an ideal fat reduction tool.

For the best results, treatments need to be repeated. Depending on how patients present, usually 2 to 4 treatments are required a few weeks apart, with significant improvements seen after the second treatment.

Because we don’t want our patients to have to ‘hide away’ following our treatments, Facelab and Elixis are a perfect match. Each session is approximately 30 minutes long with no downtime, it is something that can be done during a work lunch break.

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