Double Chin Reduction

Eliminate your double chin and uplift your life

A number of things can affect how you age, including weight gain, genetics, and gravity. All of these factors can contribute to excessive skin and fat layers around your neck in what is commonly known as a 'double chin'. While no one wants a double chin, it can seem like an unavoidable part of life.

When it comes to double chin elimination and reduction, however, there are effective treatment options on the table. From liposuction and cool sculpting (freezing fat cells) through to neck exercises and fat dissolving injections, it is possible to uplift your appearance. At FaceLab, we offer access to a range of treatment options and create custom plans to suit your individual needs.

We adhere to a conservative 'less is more' treatment philosophy across all of our rejuvenation procedures, with non-invasive or minimally-invasive treatments preferred unless we have a very good reason. If you want to eliminate or reduce your double chin, we're here to help.