Dermal Fillers

Turn Back the Clock and replace what is lost with dermal Fillers

As people age, it is natural for them to lose volume in their face. In the past, the only option for those who wanted to restore facial volume was to undergo invasive plastic surgery.

Today, a dermal filler procedure can produce the same effect with a few injections during a simple outpatient procedure. Dermal fillers, which are made up primarily of a therapeutic substance, which is also naturally produced by the body, attract water. When injected into the face, dermal fillers help to erase wrinkles, fine lines, folds, creases, and scars.

The Benefits
  • Dermal Fillers have been used safely and effectively for many years now to replace tissue volume lost in the natural aging process
  • Just as effective for men as for women
  • Treatment time is quick with no down time
  • Results can last for up to 2 years and beyond
  • Facelab clinicians are highly trained to deliver these products in a “less is more” fashion…. Our patients don’t look like plastic figurines.

*Individual results may vary

Additional Uses of Dermal Fillers

Besides smoothing out the appearance of the face, the doctors at Face Lab can use this procedure to enhance the fullness of lips and re-sculpt the jaw line, nose, and lips without having to put the patient through rhinoplasty surgery. You may also wish to receive dermal fillers if you have permanent dark circles under your eyes due to a genetic predisposition. It can naturally get frustrating to hear that you always look tired even when you are not.

What the Procedure is Like

After you have met with one of our physicians to discuss your reasons for wanting dermal fillers and your treatment goals, the next step is to schedule your appointment. When you arrive on the day of the procedure, your doctor completes a facial assessment and mapping to ensure that he or she targets the correct areas. The next preparation step involves taking pictures and making marks on the face where the injections should go.

Next, we use an antibacterial agent to clean your face and prepare it for the injections. We also provide you with an anesthetic ointment to numb the area so you feel minimal pain and discomfort. While the dermal filler procedure is not completely pain-free, you should tolerate it just fine with the aid of the anesthetic.

You are now ready to receive your injections. After each one, we massage the area and evaluate the results to make sure it is what everyone expected. We may add more filler to the injection needle if necessary. The entire procedure typically lasts between 15 minutes to one hour, depending on how many areas we treat.

After Care

We clean off all markings and offer you an ice pack to reduce swelling once we complete all of your injections. Your face may feel sore for up to two days after the dermal injections, but not enough to interfere with daily activities or require medication.

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