Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Porcelain crowns and veneers are a simple way to strengthen teeth and disguise problems such as gaps between teeth, cracks, chips, misalignment, and discolored teeth. It typically takes just two visits to FaceLab to receive your new permanent crowns or veneers and a return of your confident smile.

Porcelain crowns and veneers are constructed from special ceramics and resemble a new tooth in appearance.

Before we place your permanent crown or veneer, we make sure that it matches the color and shade of your existing teeth as closely as possible. It is highly unlikely that anyone will know you have had dental work performed unless you choose to tell them.

Porcelain veneers look extremely natural while offering a dramatic improvement in your smile and appearance at the same time. Unlike your natural teeth, they are also resistant to staining. With proper brushing and attention to oral hygiene, porcelain veneers are durable enough to last a lifetime.

Tooth preparation for porcelain crowns is very similar to that for Veneers. Two appointments are needed, impressions are taken and models or digital scans are sent to the technician. An ‘insert’ appointment is scheduled two weeks after preparation and again following the removal of the temporary crown, the fit and color of the new crown is checked. If approved, the crown is easily cemented onto the tooth and final adjustments made. If looked after well, there is no reason why a porcelain crown will not last a lifetime.


Because most of the time we use only four implants to help support the new teeth, it gives patients more freedom to choose the look and feel of the new teeth. They are easier to clean and maintain than removable dentures and conventional implants, making them so worry-free that you may even forget they are not your natural teeth. Having only four implants to keep your teeth in place means you can continue to enjoy the foods you love. Unlike removable dentures that can affect the way you speak and pronounce words, ‘All on 4’ implants and teeth have almost no impact on speech at all and patients who have undergone these treatments often refer to having improved speech and eating ability following treatment.

Please contact your nearest FaceLab Clinic to schedule an appointment to learn more about ‘All on 4’.

Tooth Whitening

Who is a Good Candidate for the Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Smoking, drinking coffee, and taking certain medications can all effect the colour of your teeth over time. Some foods can even stain your teeth. Whether you have stains that are yellow, brown, or another colour, bleaching will most likely remove them and brighten your smile significantly. Your teeth need to be strong and healthy to tolerate the procedure before we can begin, so it is important that a recent dental examination has been performed and all required work completed. While teeth whitening is most popular among older adults, we can complete it on patients of any age.

Teeth Whitening Options

You have several home and in-office options available to you for this procedure. If you’re having trouble deciding, we can make a recommendation when you come to FaceLab for a consultation and evaluation. In-chair tooth whitening takes approximately one hour to complete while you sit in the treatment chair. We place the bleaching agent onto the teeth and then a special light or laser is used to activate the bleaching chemicals. These chemicals do no long term harm to the tooth, it is safe, reversible and the most effective method of treatment.
Another option is to complete the above procedure in our office and enhance the effect at home with individually customised bleaching trays that fit over your teeth precisely and are preloaded with a bleaching agent.

A third option is to have the home bleaching component only. These at home bleaching kits can be purchased at Facelab and still require the customised trays that are manufactured from models of your teeth. Home bleaching still requires a patient to undergo a thorough dental examination and impressions. At home you are required to wear trays containing the bleaching gel for one hour per day until you achieve the desired results.

Show the World Your Dazzling Smile

When you know that your teeth are as white as they can possibly be, you want to show off your smile any chance you get. Thanks to professional teeth whitening, you can achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Dental Implants

FaceLab Clinic is excited to offer our dental clients the new ‘All on 4 plus’TM procedure for permanent replacement of all teeth.

All on 4 plus is a significant improvement over previous forms of full-mouth tooth replacement, including removable dentures and standard dental implants. For many years, removable dentures were the only option for people whose original teeth were in such poor quality that they required extraction. Many people however find dentures difficult to wear due to discomfort and pain in the gums and the tendency for the dentures to move or fall out of place.

In the last decade or so, the popularity of dental implants has grown tremendously. This technology has allowed for the permanent replacement of teeth by means of inserting small metallic screws into the jawbone and then attaching the new teeth into place on them. Patients no longer have to remove their false teeth at night or worry about them falling out and causing embarrassment. One downside with the traditional dental implant approach for full-mouth tooth replacement is the requirement for inserting numerous pieces of hardware in the jawbone. The All on 4 plus procedure accomplishes the same thing most often with only four dental implants.

What is ‘All on 4 plus’ ?

The term ‘All on 4’ means that our Facelab dental clinician replace an entire set of upper and / or lower teeth on four implants. Two are in the back of the jaw and two in the front of the jaw. What makes this process unique is that the back implants are tilted at a 45-degree angle rather than being installed vertically like those at the front. By angling the implants, our surgeons are not hindered by bone deficiencies that most people have in the back of the jaw due to sinus spaces and poor quality bone. With traditional dental implants, many patients have to undergo bone grafting to prepare the back of the jaw to receive the implants.

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