All-On-4 Plus™ Dental Implants

Happiness begins with a smile

FaceLab Clinic is excited to offer our dental clients the new ‘All on 4 plus’TM procedure for permanent replacement of all teeth. All on 4 plus is a significant improvement over previous forms of full-mouth tooth replacement, including removable dentures and standard dental implants. For many years, removable dentures were the only option for people whose original teeth were in such poor quality that they required extraction. However, many people find dentures difficult to wear due to discomfort in the gums and the tendency for the dentures to move or fall out of place.

The Benefits

  • Replace teeth that are hopeless or missing already
  • Can be for a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full jaw
  • Predictable treatment with long term survival when maintained well.
  • Full Jaw All On 4 treatment can be completed within 2 days
  • Treatments performed by renowned surgeons who lecture on ‘dental implant treatment’ locally and abroad.

*Individual results may vary

In the last decade or so, the popularity of dental implants has grown tremendously. This technology has allowed for the permanent replacement of teeth by means of inserting small metallic screws into the jawbone and then attaching the new teeth into place on them. Patients no longer have to remove their false teeth at night or worry about them falling out and causing embarrassment. One downside with the traditional dental implant approach for full-mouth tooth replacement is the requirement for inserting numerous pieces of hardware in the jawbone. The All on 4 plus procedure accomplishes the same thing most often with only four dental implants.

What is ‘All-On-4 Plus™?

In the past when people had to have their teeth replaced, other than getting removable dentures, their options were limited. While dentures do replace missing teeth, they also have several disadvantages. Some of these include:

  • Lack of retention and slipping out of place causing embarrassment
  • Wearers must avoid certain foods so they don’t damage the dentures
  • Speech and taste are often affected and thus ‘quality of life’
  • Adhesive glues are often required to keep dentures in place and prevent them falling out
  • Dentures need to be removed at night for sleeping
  • Dentures can be uncomfortable for the wearer

All-On-4 Plus™ is a completely different approach to permanent tooth replacement. The concept was actually developed by the founders of FaceLab, Dr Alex Fibishenko. It involves replacing all the teeth in a jaw using four (and sometimes more) dental implants to support them, and is uniquely different to other methods offering improved contingency and the fitting of the FINAL teeth within a 24 hour period from the surgery. This is different to typical dental implant surgery, where a patient must wait up to 3 months and sometimes longer before a dentist can permanently affix the new teeth.

Whilst this treatment is so quick, it offers ultimate results with a beautiful reconstruction of the teeth and gums, and the whole process is much less expensive than receiving a separate dental implant for every tooth. In most cases, there are only four implants as opposed to an entire mouthful making it easier to care for your new teeth after the procedure is complete.

Our doctors are not hindered by bone deficiencies that most people have in the back of the jaw due to sinus spaces and poor quality bone, even in patients who are very old or who have severe bone resorption from extended denture wear. With traditional dental implants, many patients have to undergo bone grafting many months in advance to prepare the jaw to receive the implants, whereas with All-On-4 Plus, even if grafting is required, our systems enable us to still complete the treatment and fit the final teeth within one day.

Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants

Because most of the time we use only four implants to help support the new teeth, it gives patients more freedom to choose the look and feel of the new teeth. They are easier to clean and maintain than removable dentures and conventional implants, making them so worry-free that you may even forget they are not your natural teeth. Having only four implants to keep your teeth in place means you can continue to enjoy the foods you love. Unlike removable dentures that can affect the way your speak and pronounce words, All on 4 implants and teeth have almost no impact on speech at all, and patients who have undergone these treatments often refer to having improved speech and eating ability following treatment.

Please contact your nearest FaceLab Clinic to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the All-On-4 dental implants treatment.