Ageless Club

FaceLab Ageless Maintenance Program

At Facelab we recognise that long term facial aesthetics requires a commitment to ongoing care and maintenance. Our Ageless maintenance program offers tiered discounts for those who are committed to regular treatments for long term results.

Once you join as a member, every dollar that you spend on anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and/or teeth whitening will earn you SMOOTH POINTS, which contribute toward your membership status and discounts as follows:

The Benefits
  • At Facelab our Futona lasers have been proven to be extremely safe and effective in the elimination of most pigmented skin lesions.
  • The laser treatments are used treat both the source of the pigment and the lesion
  • For effective results, some treatments may need to be repeated
  • With our unique laser systems, downtime can varied by adjusting laser power.
  • Our highly trained clinicians will not take any risks with your pigmented lesions.

*Individual results may vary

Smooth Status


Allure Status

10% DISCOUNT – The points must be accumulated within the annual period of the membership, after which the points will reset to zero. The status will commence upon reaching this level, and will continue until expiry of the subsequent membership year.

STATUS MAINTENANCE requires accumulation of 1800 smooth points in the subsequent membership year

Ageless Status

15% DISCOUNT – The points may be accumulated over the lifetime of the membership.

The status will commence upon reaching this level, and will continue for life when complying with the status maintenance requirements.

STATUS MAINTENANCE requires accumulation of 800 smooth points in each membership year.