About Us


The FACELAB team consists of dermal clinicians, beauty therapists and dentists trained specifically in facial aesthetics who offer an advanced multi-disciplinary approach to dento-facial rejuvenation, non-surgical face lifts, anti-ageing and body contouring treatments that help Australian men and women look and feel their best.

FACELAB clinicians position themselves as front-runners when it comes to aesthetic knowledge and can offer the very latest treatments with the most advanced technologies. Regularly travelling to overseas conferences and training workshops and having arguably the most up to date and advanced equipment, FACELAB clinicians are in a standout position of their own.

What additionally separates FACELAB clinicians from others is the way they can combine dental and facial rejuvenation treatments to achieve a natural look, so clients look rested and healthy, not over treated. The teeth are an integral component of facial aesthetics. Apart from the smile itself, teeth provide the support required to avoid face collapse and a premature ‘aged’ appearance. The theories and guidelines that dictate ideal facial proportions are not new and can only be replicated with a deep understanding of the smile, oral function and how to avoid and restore facial collapse that occurs with tooth wear or tooth loss.


FACELAB is partnered with FOTONA (Laser Manufacturer) and utilise high-end medical grade lasers in all their clinics, not IPL’s (Intense Pulsed Light) or less effective salon-style laser systems. This enables FACELAB clinics achieve optimal results safely in less appointments with minimal downtime.


At FACELAB we have developed our own unique protocol for body contouring that combines FOTONA’s Laser ‘Tight Sculpting’ and Radio-Frequency / Ultrasound devices, customised for effective long term reduction of body fat along with tightening of the overlying skin to avoid sagging.

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