3D / 4D Non – Invasive Facelab Facelift

ALL the benefits and NO downtime.

Non-invasive / non-surgical facelifts are all the rage at present. Long gone are the days when the only solutions to flaccid, wrinkled facial skin were in the hands of the plastic surgeon and his scalpel. Many treatments exist to correct skin wrinkles and deep folds, concavities and surface blemishes that have appeared slowly over time with age.

A remarkable new comprehensive protocol has been developed by the world leader in laser manufacturing ‘Fotona’ and it’s now available at Facelab clinics across Australia.

The Benefits
  • Non invasive / Non surgical
  • No downtime
  • Reduces skin wrinkles, folds and blemishes
  • Stimulates the bodies own processes to volumise and tighten facial tissues naturally
  • Treatments delivered with Fotona Lasers – the world leader in Laser manufacturing and treatments.

*Individual results may vary

The 3D/4D Facelab Facelift make use of the unique expanded capabilities of 2 laser wavelengths accessible only in Fotona Lasers that can be applied to the facial region in 3 or 4 different modes.

These 4 modes are:

  1. SMOOTHR – this mode is available in both 3D & 4D treatments. It involves use of the laser intraorally (within the mouth). SMOOTH Mode is a non-ablative procedure for functional strengthening of connective tissue in the cheeks and around the mouth. Delivering an optimal sequence of heat pulses to the oral mucosa results in strengthening and rejuvenation of the oral mucosa via collagen remodelling and neo-collagenesis (new collagen production).
  2. FRAC3R – this mode is a novel and effective method for skin rejuvenation in anti-ageing treatments through its self-induced, non-ablative three dimensional fractional effect on the skin. This mode utilizes short pulse duration and high peak power generated by Nd:YAG laser pulses to cause ‘heat’ damage within the skin, precisely targeting age-related skin imperfections. (FRAC3R mode can also be used for high performance facial hair removal).
  3. PIANOR – The new, ultra-long modality extends the duration of Nd:YAG treatments to seconds, deep penetration and bulk heating while simultaneously keeping the epidermis (superficial skin layers) safe and comfortable. This deep bulk skin heating stimulates metabolism of fat cells and causes an overall synergistic skin tightening effect by again causing collagen remodelling and new collagen production. This results in an overall improvement of laxity and elasticity in the areas treated.
  4. SupErficialTM – A light cold Er:YAG laser ablation that gives a pearl finish to the skin. Additionally it improves the appearance of the skin and reduces imperfections with a light peel, without heating for a zero downtime skin surface treatment.

The above modes that work synergistically on the exterior face and interior oral cavity are best performed in the hands of dentally trained personal who know the face and oral cavity like no other. The best results are achieved with repeated treatments and can last years, reducing or in many cases negating the need for anti-wrinkle injections and skin fold fillers, and best of all there is no need for anaesthesia or time off work.

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