Achieving your version of beautiful

You never look at someone who is beautiful and say not enough treatment, but surely you have seen many treated individuals where you thought, …too much!!

At FACELAB we use advanced anti-ageing, facial contouring, and body shaping treatments to help you achieve the best version of you, your version of beautiful. We aim at looking good, not treated.

We are here to challenge the natural ageing processes that occur to the skin and structure of the face. Our philosophy is to turn back the clock using medically-proven technologies and non-surgical treatments with minimal downtime. The treatments are performed by highly trained clinicians with an intimate knowledge of face and jaw anatomy, and an understanding of beauty.

The future
for aesthetic treatments

Often overlooked and misunderstood is the importance of the teeth and jaws in the ageing face. Tooth loss and wear, a well as shrinkage of the jawbone, result in the collapse of the bite and lower face.